Wednesday, 11 July 2012


This rain has put pay to lots of events being held outdoors, fetes, fairs and shows.

Last week the classic car show at Caerwys was cancelled and Sunday's show at Newby Hall has just been cancelled too. I'm not too bothered about the shows but I was looking forward to the Newby Hall one as I've not been there and there is a stately home I could have looked round. Also, it's in a lovely area, not far from Ripon.

I feel sorry for the organisers of these events as money will have to be refunded to entrants and the traders will also lose out on a day's trading.

This picture was at Tatton Park a few weeks ago, you probably can't see the tow rope used to tow the TVR out of a muddy hole - and that was at the beginning of the show. TH's VERY elderly 4WD very capably pulled it out, very embarrassing for its owner.

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