Thursday, 7 June 2012


A few weeks ago I went up to Carnforth area to visit TH's aunt. My sister in law was staying with her and as I don't see her very often I decided to get the train up there. Travelling from my station via Manchester meant I didn't have to cross my local town to get from one station to another. Simples! The same price too.

It was bank holiday so the trains were packed but I spent the journey talking to a young lady who worked for the Students Union in Macclesfield. She was something to do with Environmental issues and was travelling with a fully loaded Brompton bike, and bits kept falling out of her bags. I helped her and we just sat on the floor the whole way chatting.

It's so nice being in the house I am staying in, makes you feel like being in a very large, comfortable armchair. All the stresses and strains of everyday just flow away. Helped also I might add by playing around with Ukelele, guitar and a goodish quantity of wine.

I'll just show you a few pictures of the stay.

The Famous Clock and the slope up to the Station

Once the prices can be seen, it is clearly 2012!

The first two are a local Monastery (with Nuns) and the public are allowed to walk through the grounds and visit the chapel. The grounds are beautiful and the house varies in periods as it seems to have been added to over the years.

Of course, readers may recognise the pictures of Carnforth Railway Station, where the railway scenes in Brief Encounter were filmed. I have transferred them into black and white to be more atmospheric. The two at the counter are supposed to be as close to the film set as possible. A museum has been set up in the other parts of the station.

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  1. Those black and white pictures are great! Nice story.