Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Just in case anyone wants to see the rest of the photos, here they are. It's a little bit late in the day but I do hate unfinished business.

From Hale village, I had to cycle about a couple of miles on a road before getting back onto the trail. Pickerings Pasture has been very well done and looks as if it has been like that for years. Probably it was just fields and some of it industrial land. On the way back there are views of the Mersey with the Industrial area in the background, a contrast to the pretty meadows. The steps getting over Ditton Brook are shown better in the photo coming back. Quite steep.

Pickerings Pasture

The Bridge over Ditton Brook, showing the steps in the background

An information board about the Pasture

Industrial Widnes, sorry missed the one with Widnes Bridge on.

Spike Island at Widnes

Some of the artwork along the trail. The Mersey is showing through the gaps

I look a bit uneasy here, I always forget how to set the camera on self portrait 

This is Fiddlers Ferry Power Station from the canal bank. This picture, or one like it was in the local paper

Well after that I cycled home along the trail and was really hungry. I think cycling on trails is always harder than on the road because of the rougher surface. Much nicer than roads though.

I hope you enjoyed this trip with me. Until the next time. Please leave comments, I'd like to know that someone is reading.


  1. What a lovely journey, and such nice photos, too!

  2. You wouldn't think this trail was once (and still is in parts) heavy chemical industry, and just disused land? It is also well used by Coast to Coasters and locals alike.