Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Well, another York Cycle Rally with lots of rain forecast. What's new? I'm getting my things ready and don't know what to take, clothes-wise. I know I've got the car but I hate to over-pack. It could be wet, cold, wet and cold and there could also be hot spells.

I hate getting onto an already wet bike and then having to get my wet self into a tent. I hate to say this but I'm very envious of my friend who has a camper van. I can't stay in it with her as she is there with her husband. When we had our old van I used to sleep in it when wet, rather than put the tent up. It's also difficult to even brew a cuppa as I would be afraid to light a stove in the tent.

Oh well, we shall see what transpires. There is a hostel/B&B on the York/Selby cycle path at what used to be Naburn station. The lady running it knows my friend, she was involved in some sort of social work training with her. I've met her a couple of times so if it's really terrible I shall see if she can fit me in. It's very cheap.

I feel very sorry for the people organising these events when the weather is bad. Fewer people turn up and they lose out on the daily attendance fee for non-campers.

So, I will be back next week and hopefully not bore you with some photos.

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