Wednesday, 30 May 2012


TH went to a car show at Capesthorne Hall on Sunday but again, I didn't want to go, I like to do my own thing and not sit 'in a field' most of the day. I decided I would explore the furthest reaches of my area of the trail and then I will be able to report back tomorrow and also feel good I've finally been to the boundary of our area of the trail.

It was such a beautiful day (Sunday) I slapped plenty of sunscreen on and hoped for the best. Again, when coming over to Widnes I take the train and cycle back, it's a bit boring to go there and back on the same stretch of trail. There is the old Station sign, it is just now called Widnes.

I popped into Victoria Park as I saw a war memorial but was sidetracked by this old milepost, which had been bombed by a Zeppelin attack. I had no idea that Zeppelins were used for bombing.

It's about 2 miles from the station to the Catalyst Museum, which is a hands on museum so kids can experience things for themselves. It was deadly quiet in there, most of them were sunning themselves outside at Spike Island.

This is the site of the former Transporter bridge across the Mersey, where you drove  on, cycled on etc and the whole thing would move on some sort of rail system across. I used to get so excited going on it as a child.
I then went along the marked trail in the direction of Pickerings Pastures, which is a whole area of reclaimed land which has been set out with flowering meadows. Most of the areas on this trail were industrial and indeed there are still many factories along the trail, which do stink a bit. Not half so badly as previously. I am posting some photos on the way back so you won't get confused with the fact that the river suddenly veers from the left to the right!!!! There are soo many pictures to show in one post, and you'd be bored.

To get across Ditton Brook the trail map says cyclists have to dismount for some steps. Here is a picture of the 'steps'. I had a real shock! I was even more shocked when I had to lug the bike back up on the way back, on a day like Sunday it was hard work. I thought that was a fantastic view though.

Cycling through Pickerings I thought I would go to the edge of my area's responsibilities, Hale Village, which is not far from Liverpool Airport but seems to have been transplanted from somewhere in Suffolk not Merseyside. There are a couple of really old thatched cottages, one of them was the home of The Childe of Hale, after whom a pubis named and there is a very large grave in the local churchyard, stating he was 9' 3" tall. There is a link below to tell you about him.


This was the house that was lived in by The Childe of Hale

I think that is enough for now, otherwise you will probably get bored, so I'll finished the rest of the trip next time with some more photos.


  1. What a lovely bike ride! The pictures were very interesting.

  2. Thank you Sarina. It did help having blue skies and warm weather. I've just got around to very quickly finishing the trip and posted it.