Monday, 7 May 2012


I can be a reluctant gardener and only do it if I feel like it. On Sunday the weather was fine here and I decided to tidy up the flagged area behind the garage and next to conservatory, which gets forgotten about.

There are surplus bricks, paving bricks, large stones, slates, all ready to be incorporated into something in the garden (in theory). Last year I sliced off some lawn, put membrane down and laid golden pebbles. On it I made a cairn of the larger stones. That's harking back to my hillwalking trips. Maybe I should do a bit more this year if I get the opportunity.

There is an area next to neighbour's fence that has really poor soil. It's also on a slope and I have the idea to cut out and build a little retaining wall. I have lots of sand and just need to buy some cement or just some ready fixed, although I do know how to mix it. I'd love to have a go. I wonder if I could do it? Well there's only one way to find out ......... !

Then I just did a little bit of weeding, making edges of the lawn, which previously just ran into the border. Not a great deal of work but I think it looks a little better. I'd rather do construction type of jobs in the garden, and digging, rather than mowing a lawn etc. As the daughter of a plumber, maybe I should have been a brickie.

Didn't cycle this weekend, because I wanted to sort out my wool stash and then try to get the conservatory in some sort of order. Visited my Mum today. She'd clipped the hedges the day before. I keep asking her to let me do it but she says I'm not tall enough. She forgets, that now I am much taller than she is, as at 91, not only is her back bent over, but she's shrunk as well. I can reach the hedge without any problem and my arms are stronger. However, it keeps her busy, which is what she wants. She will be 92 on the 19th of this month and wants a teacosy with little blue birds on for her birthday. It doesn't sound much I know but she has everything she needs, and if she wants something, she buys it. She's no longer 'collecting' things, the contrary and despite telling me I've got lots of stuff, gives me something to take home every time I go.

I took with me my second sock to do a little bit of knitting but unfortunately forgot the spare needle so I couldn't do it. This will be my first completed pair of socks. I bought the wool in Zell on the Rhine about 5 years ago, never had the courage to start them. Hopefully will be finished by next week and I will proudly put a picture up on here with some photos of some of my crafted presents last Christmas.

I made a quiche Lorraine and apple pie today. Pretty good, cooked on convection in my microwave. Apples were a gift from a neighbour. Received with many thanks by me.

I am reading a Barbara Pym book, Civil to Strangers, which I am enjoying very much. There are a couple of other stories in the book which I have yet to read. A nice surprise as I wasn't expecting that.

Well, that's it for today. I hope you all had a good bank holiday. It's all the same to me, now I'm retired, every day is similar, except it's quieter in the week at the shopping centre. I don't like to go anywhere on BHs as I hate getting stuck in traffic.

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