Tuesday, 29 May 2012


This is a little post as I have yet to post about my Ranger trip on Sunday, which, because it has lots of photos, will be split into two posts.

I learned last week that I had won the giveaway in the blog,  Dreaming of a Cottage by the Sea. It is a beautiful crochet square in the most wonderful colours. Thank you so much Becky, it is so nice to receive something that somebody has made, taken time to do and I am benefitting. Usually I am knitting/crocheting items and giving them away and it's lovely to be on the receiving side.

Here are a couple of pictures of it spread out on my bed so you can see the lovely cuddliness of it. I am sure that is not a proper word but it is what I mean. Isn't it beautiful? Becky you can be sure the blanket will be much loved and appreciated.

My bedroom is very basic, it is only just large enough to fit the bed, plus two small side tables which are in fact two parts of a former dressing table from a local shop (it has a name plate in) which has been closed for years. I took away the base, back and mirror and these were just the right size. In an alcove is a tallboy which matches. It has lovely handles but a couple have fallen off so I might just have to find new ones. I might be painting them soon with Annie Sloane paint that doesn't need any preparation. I had a bed with a wooden surround and headboard but as it was under the window it was awkward to get to. I removed the bed frame and it is now in the garage. I now store my 'alternative' season's clothing or junk under the bed, where it is more accessible.

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  1. I'm so glad you like it, I'm sure it will keep you very cosy and warm. I have several other blankets on the go and may do another giveaway again later on x