Sunday, 27 May 2012


Yesterday I was going to visit my Mum when a parcel came for TH so I decided to run it up to him.

Decision made, drove up the M62, got a bit annoyed with a van driver who decided he'd like to drive through my back window, got annoyed, then overtook me and cut me up, only for me to casually drive up behind him at the traffic lights just coming off the motorway. White van men!

"Oh yes, could you please tighten up my wing mirrors?", I asked TH. Now this isn't just fitting a spanner and turning, I discovered, it's a funny complicated fitting. One of them snapped, the post inside the thing. It was only new a few months ago! Well, he doesn't throw things out and I was standing around for over an hour whilst he tried one after another of discarded Beetle wing mirrors. One was found but it looks funny, sticking out at a funny angle. Still better than none at all. He fitted the window handle too, as that had broken off. He is very thorough but doesn't seem to have any sense of urgency. 

Toddled off home, deciding to give Mum's a miss until the next day. Called at the farm to pick up some eggs, potatoes and carrots. 5lb potatoes, 2lb carrots, 1 doz eggs, £3.50. I love having a chat with the old guy there. He still runs a haulage business from his bungalow farm, which is a very large smallholding, his son and another driver do the running around. You can pick up stuff in a little building and leave the money for it if nobody is there. If you've not got any money, you can leave a note and pay for it next time.

I am making a shrug to hopefully wear over my dress if it's cooler, at my son's wedding. I bought some lace weight wool, which is so beautifully soft and as I'm a slow knitter with fine yarn, I'm crocheting, and doing it freeform, ie, throwing double treble and triple treble stitches randomly. Really the yarn would look better in soft knitting but crochet grows so much faster, I've done almost half in a week of picking it up for 10 minutes here and there. Straight rows of crochet would not achieve the same effect. Here's a shot of what it's looking like. I've no idea how I'm going to finish it but will probably make some flowers to trim, with a shell edge. 

I am hoping it looks better when I have finished it!

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